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25 semanas / Horas presenciales: 200 horas

Total horas: 800 horas

19 Octubre 2019 a 23 Mayo 2020



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2019 Workshops


8 am to 12 noon / 2:00 to 6:00 pm
Lectures, demonstrations, posture clinics, Q&A and
2 practice sessions.
Teaching practice for instructors.

84 Asanas: Level 2 – CORE 40 for Fitness & Internal Fitness

Learn Anatomical Planes / Synchronised Breathing & Posture /
Body Mechanics / Vinyasa / Modifications /
Asana, body & hand Mudras, Bandhas, Nauli & Kriyas.

Apply basic training principles for
Safe, Sustainable, Progressive Practice & Teaching


84 Asanas: Level 3 – Masters’ Core

Advanced workshop for experienced practitioners, aspiring instructors and 40-hours continuing education for all instructors. Physical awareness and alignment are the primary focus. Tune into your body at a deep internal level and understand the details of each pose to advance at your own pace.

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Core 40 & Masters' Core

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84 Asanas

Overview by Tony

Level 3

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Tony’s 84 Asanas

Level 1

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Level 4

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Level 2

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Practice Yoga

Students Bill of Rights

Yoga practitioners who pay for classes are entitled to qualified instructors. Students of yoga are vulnerable; their physical and mental wellbeing is in the hands of the instructor. Therefore, students who want to develop a sustainable, therapeutic and progressive practice must seriously consider the qualifications and experience of the instructor who guides them. At minimum, […]

Ghosh’s Practice Guidelines

(1) Exercise the body gradually and try not to force. (2)  Prevent over-exertion and go ahead slowly and intelligently. (3) Performing a few repetitions correctly is of far more value than any number done in a clumsy way. (4) Individual training is better than working in a class setting. (5) Class work will produce average […]

Mastering Your Solo Practice

Yoga is a solo practice, no matter how many others are in the room. After all, the whole purpose of the practice is ‘you’ – body, mind, and soul. Mastering your practice begins with (1) understanding and acknowledging your limitations and strengths, and (2) understanding the foundations of practice following basic laws of nature relating […]

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Tony’s Practice Cloud

3-day Preview: $1.99 - $5.95 per month.

  • Foundations of Practice
  • Core 26
  • Master's Core 40
  • Core 26 Yoganar Series
  • Core 40 Yoganar Series
  • 84 Asanas: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Ghosh's 84 Asanas

Home Study

Core 26

6-month program includes:
  • Foundation of Practice Video Series
  • Practice Primer Manual
  • Core 26+ Practice Videos
  • Core 26+ Yoganar Video Series
  • Core 26 Poster & Posture List
  • Core 26+ Posture Modifications Guide
  • Core 26+ Posture Assessment Form

Core 40

The original Core 40 system. ~ Advance at your own pace. Modify, simplify or intensify as needed for your personal needs. ~ One-year program includes:
  • Core 40 Practice Video
  • 25 Core 40 Posture Clinic Videos
  • Core 40 Yoganar Video Series
  • Core 40 Workbook
  • Core 40 Poster
  • Core 40 Posture List