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Every session includes lecture, demonstrations, Q&A and practice. Teaching practice for instructors.

CORE 40 – MORNING: 8:00-12:00

The original core 40 system for experienced practitioners of all levels. Modify, simplify or intensify as needed. Create your own systems. Learn adjustments and modifications that facilitate progress for personal practice and teaching. Advance at your own pace. Tony covers the postures by series. Practice following the anatomical planes. Deepen your knowledge and understanding about the Ghosh lineage, yoga, yogic lifestyle, teaching, personal practice and more.

CORE 45 – AFTERNOON: 2:00-6:00 pm

A core system of 45 postures to modify, simplify or intensify for limitations and/or strengths. Create your own systems, advance at your own pace with adjustments and modifications that facilitate progress. Learn mudras and abdominal breathing. Instructors learn effective teaching techniques and more.

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84 Asanas

Overview by Tony

Level 3

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Tony’s 84 Asanas

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Students Bill of Rights

Yoga practitioners who pay for classes are entitled to qualified instructors. Students of yoga are vulnerable; their physical and mental wellbeing is in the hands of the instructor. Therefore, students who want to develop a sustainable, therapeutic and progressive practice must seriously consider the qualifications and experience of the instructor who guides them. At minimum, […]

Ghosh’s Practice Guidelines

(1) Exercise the body gradually and try not to force. (2)  Prevent over-exertion and go ahead slowly and intelligently. (3) Performing a few repetitions correctly is of far more value than any number done in a clumsy way. (4) Individual training is better than working in a class setting. (5) Class work will produce average […]

Mastering Your Solo Practice

Yoga is a solo practice, no matter how many others are in the room. After all, the whole purpose of the practice is ‘you’ – body, mind, and soul. Mastering your practice begins with (1) understanding and acknowledging your limitations and strengths, and (2) understanding the foundations of practice following basic laws of nature relating […]

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Tony’s Practice Cloud

3-day Preview: $1.99 - $5.95 per month.

  • Foundations of Practice
  • Core 26
  • Master's Core 40
  • Core 26 Yoganar Series
  • Core 40 Yoganar Series
  • 84 Asanas: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Ghosh's 84 Asanas

Home Study

Core 26

6-month program includes:
  • Foundation of Practice Video Series
  • Practice Primer Manual
  • Core 26+ Practice Videos
  • Core 26+ Yoganar Video Series
  • Core 26 Poster & Posture List
  • Core 26+ Posture Modifications Guide
  • Core 26+ Posture Assessment Form

Core 40

The original Core 40 system. ~ Advance at your own pace. Modify, simplify or intensify as needed for your personal needs. ~ One-year program includes:
  • Core 40 Practice Video
  • 25 Core 40 Posture Clinic Videos
  • Core 40 Yoganar Video Series
  • Core 40 Workbook
  • Core 40 Poster
  • Core 40 Posture List