Core40 TT – Cancun

Casa Om
Cancun, Mexico  (Spanish)
9 to 22 June 2019
Perpetual Yogis, Aspiring Instructors & Instructors
  1. Core40 for Fitness
    * 40 postures to develop muscular strength, flexibility and balance.
  2. Core40 for Internal Fitness
    * 19 standing poses
    * 21 body mudras to help improve function and harmony of internal organs and systems such as respiratory, circulatory, and digestive etc.
  1. Core40 for meditation
    * 19 standing postures to warm up the body and focus the mind
    * 21 hand mudras to help develop inner peace.

NOTE: Aspiring instructors: For a letter of validation to teach, please complete the Independent Study requirements.


Tony Sanchez. Tony has been practicing and teaching hatha yoga for over 40 years. He was one of the first practitioners and teacher of the 26+2 system known as Bikram or Hot yoga. Now he specializes in yoga postures from the Ghosh Linage.

Marcela Ferrer. Marcela has been practicing yoga for 17 years and has been teaching it since 2008. She is the founder of Bikram Yoga Condesa. Marcela is also a Gestalt psychotherapist and has focused on improving human issues through yoga and other therapies.

Adriana Ferrer. Adriana has been practicing yoga since 2001 and has been a yoga teacher since 2009. She has focused on Bikram Yoga and Core40 that she learned with Tony Sánchez. Adriana co-owns, along with Marcela, Bikram Yoga Condesa.

13 Nights Lodging,
Daily Breakfast,
8 Dinners
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