Ghosh’s Practice Guidelines

(1) Exercise the body gradually and try not to force.

(2)  Prevent over-exertion and go ahead slowly and intelligently.

(3) Performing a few repetitions correctly is of far more value than any number done in a clumsy way.

(4) Individual training is better than working in a class setting.

(5) Class work will produce average students but the super yogis have to pay a lot of attention to the way the asanas are done. This can only be done effectively in the privacy of your own space and time.

(6) Practice in a well ventilated space.

(7) It is better to breathe through the nose, but if you feel exhausted you can exhale through the mouth.

(8) Great exertion in youth hinders their growth and brings early maturity, which tends to shorten life.

(9) Simple foods are best.

(10) Eat whatever you can digest, but remember that you should eat to live and not live to eat.

(11) Keep your stomach light eat several small meals during the day, so the digestive system may not be taxed.

(12) Masticate thoroughly the food you eat.

(13) Enjoy your meal and feel that every morsel of food you eat is supplying your body with vitality, strength and energy.

(14) Take a short rest before and after meals.

(15) At least seven hours of sleep are necessary for the student of yogic physical culture.