Students Bill of Rights

Yoga practitioners who pay for classes are entitled to qualified instructors.

Students of yoga are vulnerable; their physical and mental wellbeing is in the hands of the instructor.

Therefore, students who want to develop a sustainable, therapeutic and progressive practice must seriously consider the qualifications and experience of the instructor who guides them.

At minimum, yoga students should expect the following of their instructors:

  • Instructor Certification from in an established training with anatomy, CPR/first-aid and teaching internship.
  • Consistent personal practice.
  • Continuing education and training.
  • Knows the postures, the system and history of what they teach.
  • Knows anatomy and proper alignment.
  • Understands your limitations or strengths and modifies accordingly.
  • Ability to modify or intensify the class as needed for all students.
  • Teaches from knowledge and experience, not memorized instructions.
  • Compassion and concern for all students.
  • Healthy, happy and inspiring as an instructor, practitioner and person.