Tony’s 84 Asanas – Origins

In 1983, on my birthday, my teacher and employer of eight years fired me. As he walked me out the door of his San Francisco Yoga College of India where I had been principal instructor since 1980, he said, “Don’t teach my system and don’t come around here anymore.”

Honoring his request, I never taught his 26 postures again. Instead, I codified my own systems from Ghosh’s complete system, the foundation of my advanced practice and source of his 26 postures. I was certified by Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in 1980, with no restrictions on how or where to teach the system.

Although I was proficient at Ghosh’s complete system of 91 postures, I knew it would be too difficult for most practitioners. I began my codification process with the complete system, working backwards to develop four progressive systems.

As the foundation for my new series I chose 84 asanas because it is a sacred number and my practice and teachings are sacred to me.

I codified the four systems in 1984, while our yoga studio was being built. After the studio opened we printed our first poster, Yoga Challenge 1, produced the four videos under the title Yoga Challenge: Level 1, 2 3, & 4, and the Classic 84 Asanas poster that hangs on the walls of yoga studios around the world. Recently we updated the video titles to “Tony Sanchez Yoga – 84 Asanas: Level, 1, 2 3 & 4.

Since then I have codified the Core 26+, Core 40 and Core 45 systems, all derived from Ghosh’s 91-posture system. My method of teaching is based on 40 years of practice and teaching. I follow the universal laws of nature based on alignment and movement within the planes, balance and gravity.

For the last several years I have been practicing Ghosh’s system of yogic weight lifting. I will be sharing my yogic weight lifting system in 2018. Stay tuned.