Yoga at Home: Online Teaching Next to the Refrigerator

by Lisa Aichhorn
Gastbeitrag English version

Visiting a virtual yoga class, wouldn’t you be skeptical as well? But as curiosity is in my nature, I gave it a try. How I did and what I learned from it, you will find out in the following lines. Right at the beginning I can tell you how surprisingly well a online yoga class works. Of course there a many criteria which have to match, but the biggest part depends on the teacher on the other end of the line and the student in front of the camera.

Yoga at Home: Online Yoga with Tony Sanchez

In this case the teacher on the other end is Tony Sanchez. Many of you know him from the poster above where he is demonstrating the 84 asanas. Tony practices for more than 40 years and teaches his system of the 84 asanas from the Ghosh Lineage for perpetual yogis and aspiring instructors.

Thanks to Google Duo we could overcome the geographical distance from Spain to Austria and an app download later he was right in my living room.

Me, sweating on my yoga mat and my yoga-teacher in my very private yoga studio- next to the fridge. Totally focused and doing my very best I completed a 60-minute class. And to be honest, it was one of the best classes I’ve ever had. I was in a wonderful yoga-high for the next hours, even the next day I was enchanted from this virtual experience and felt the urge to tell everyone about it.

Because I was so captivated and surprised from this experience, I let my mind wander and asked myself, whether online situations like this would replace yoga classes in real yoga studios. Had I just discovered the very best way to practice yoga? I had the chance to talk with my teacher about this and take a closer look at it.

Yoga at Home: My New Yoga High

At first Tony took my blinkers off. He answered to the question whether online classes would take over yoga studios in near future, that online classes were just another option. Especially for students who don’t have access to a local studio or for students who want to establish a home practice.

My mind kept wandering. Would online classes work with anybody that well? „Online yoga classes”, so Tony, “can be appreciated a lot more for students who have already taken yoga for a while. I feel that students with no yoga experience can have a difficult time following instructions online.” So no yoga apocalypse with a downfall of all yoga studios this time.

Yoga at home: A different view for yoga teachers

When you switch the point of view and you observe everything from the teacher’s eyes, there are some points which differ from the normal studio situation. Tony explained that it’s important to be more precise when explaining the steps for each position. In a studio setting, if the student does not understand the instructions the teacher can always assist the student with physical support and adjustments. When asking whether he misses something in this virtual set-up, he replied that it was right this physical contact.

As yoga is a science which has been transferred from teacher to student, the question comes up whether there is a conflict arising. Tony answered clearly no. He thinks that if the student is serious about learning yoga online and the teacher is patient and generous with his or her knowledge, strong friendships can be forged.

If you consider some important facts like an appropriate teacher, a calm and quiet room, a stable internet connection and your own honest yoga practice, online yoga is a great option. The big yogis before our time may look down with a little jealous eye on this wonderful technical possibility.

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